WP 4100 [BAW]

Specification for data acquisition, -formats and -storage

In this work package, the required data on infrastructure and shipping traffic will be defined in close coordination with the project partners. There will be a research of the available data in the WSV and the identification of the data to be collected. In addition, the definition and coordination of the exchange formats and data access in compliance with the legal provisions on data protection and copyright.

In pilot operation, the data are stored on a BAW server in a database that allows web-based access. The different types of data are described in detail in the following work packages WP 4200, WP 4300 and WP 4400.

Work packages

WP 3200 [arg]

Hardware equipment (sensors, actuators, communication)

WP 8200 [BAW]

Trajectories from AIS data

WP 10200 [UDE]

Evaluation man-control station control station