WP 5000 [UDE]

Implementation of the “remote control of inland vessels” function on land

Within this work package, the “remote control of inland vessels” function is to be implemented onshore. According to the requirement to steer a remote vessel, this work package is closely connected to the work packages 2000, 3000 and 4000, which have been worked on in parallel and before. A central part of the work is to ensure a high quality of the implementation by mature conceptual design (among others WP 5100), precise implementation in hard- and software (WP 5200) as well as extensive quality assurance by iterative tests (especially WP 5300) under consideration of the ship’s command (WP 5400 or 5700). The control station will be set up at the Versuchs- und Leitungszentrum Autonome Binnenschiffe (VeLABi) in Duisburg, where the necessary infrastructure will be provided for the start of the project.

Work packages

WP 3200 [arg]

Hardware equipment (sensors, actuators, communication)

WP 8200 [BAW]

Trajectories from AIS data

WP 10200 [UDE]

Evaluation man-control station control station