WP 4000 [BAW]

Data acquisition, -evaluation and -provision

In work package 4000, the BAW will record, generate or process and provide data from existing data sets that are needed for analyses on the driving dynamics and typical driving behaviour of inland vessels. For a smooth exchange, suitable standards for the different types of data have to be defined (WP 4100). Infrastructure data (flow-, waterway- and hydraulic structure data) are processed in WP 4200, AIS data in WP 4300 and the data of the test vessel and the measurement platforms in WP 4400 and made available in a suitable form on a server of the BAW.

The availability of waterway-, flow-, hydraulic structure- and traffic-data (AIS) is of fundamental importance for the development of the overall project. They are required in numerous work packages (WP 7000, WP 8100, WP 8200 and WP 8300).

The data collected and generated in WP 4000 will be made available in clearly specified formats on a BAW server, initially in pilot operation. The use of proprietary data formats, whose format specification is not open and freely available, is generally avoided. The requirements for the server’s hardware in terms of fail-safety and bandwidth will be worked out and defined in the course of the project. This will form the basis for the hardware specifications for a server to be operated at a later date by the ITZ-Bund, if necessary, which is to provide the necessary data for remote-controlled and later also fully automated inland waterway traffic on all inland waterways in Germany with the necessary bandwidth and reliability.

Work packages

WP 3200 [arg]

Hardware equipment (sensors, actuators, communication)

WP 8200 [BAW]

Trajectories from AIS data

WP 10200 [UDE]

Evaluation man-control station control station