WP 5200 [UDE]

The captain on land

The steering station is the heart of the shore-based implementation of a remote control system for inland vessels. This includes a variety of modules from the areas of display elements, control elements or in short – the entire man-machine interface. The ergonomics and immersion of the remote skipper are in the foreground. Therefore, the transmission of relevant parameters, radar, chart, and communication data, as well as the visual display are developed and implemented in detail. Modern possibilities of augmented or mixed reality solutions are also to be implemented on a test basis, which in turn places high demands on data processing and transmission, which are also to be investigated in this project.

The goal is to realize a control station that enables navigation in simulated or virtual worlds on the one hand and remote control of appropriately equipped inland vessels on the other.


Work packages

WP 3200 [arg]

Hardware equipment (sensors, actuators, communication)

WP 8200 [BAW]

Trajectories from AIS data

WP 10200 [UDE]

Evaluation man-control station control station